Say it isn’t so, Trader Joe’s (4x)

As much as I love Trader Joe’s, they do have a history of playing fast and loose with their Spanish language products. I have previously blogged to complain about their Café Pajaro (no accent on pájaro), their description of their Carne Asada as both autentica (another missing accent) and bueno (should be buena), and their Chicken Asada (should be asado). The third of these posts inspired a reader’s comment on the use of pollo versus gallina.

Having complained about accent marks and gender, it was almost refreshing to see a number agreement error when I visited TJ’s this morning. As shown in the picture below, the product in question is Chicken enchiladas verde, which should, of course, be Chicken enchiladas verdes.

Chicken enchiladas verde

I encourage all concerned readers to contact Trader Joe’s and complain about this ugly mistake. Perhaps they will clean up their act if properly chastised.

4 thoughts on “Say it isn’t so, Trader Joe’s (4x)

  1. Caleb

    Hello Judy,

    I love your blog. Since this is your most recent post ans since the timing is right, I thought that it would be fitting to mention something sad about Trader Joe’s: The founder just died a couple of days ago. That’s all I wanted to share on this. I have some grammar questions to ask you, but I am going to ask each on different posts.

    1. jhochberg Post author

      Yes, I saw that he died. He left a great legacy (besides the occasional Spanish mistake). 🙂
      I will look forward to your grammar questions!



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