Public speaking

Public speaking is supposed to be most people’s #1 fear. I guess that makes me a freak, because I’ve enjoyed this aspect of my career ever since my first talk as a graduate student. I would be delighted to address your educational or civic group on these or related topics: anything within the general ambit of Spanish linguistics. My contact information is on the Contact/Follow page.

Here are some recent talks I’ve given to a variety of audiences.

  • Your lengua materna: What every Latin@ should know about the History of Spanish
    (Talk to Fordham University’s “Academia Hispana”, a Hispanic student group; synopsis here)
  • Providence and process in the history of Spanish
    (Talk to Fordham University Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics; synopsis here)
  • Evidence for the psychology of language: A linguist looks at Spanish
    (Talk to the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC; synopsis here)
  • How linguistics can enhance ACTFL’s Comparisons and Connections standards
    (Talk at NECTFL Conference; abstract here. Looking past the necessarily jargon-y title, the goal of this talk was to argue for bringing linguistics into the foreign language classroom, a topic I am passionate about.)
  • Spanish in the United States
    (Talk to local Rotary Club; outline here)
  • Bringing Linguistics into the Foreign Language Classroom
    (Workshop at annual convention of New Jersey Education Association (NJEA))

I will repeat/update the NJEA workshop at the upcoming conference of PoWeRFuL Educators (Putnam/WestchesteR teachers of Foreign Languages), Saturday, April 14