This page is for materials that you may find useful if you teach Spanish. The two best bits are the first (clothing project) and last (subjunctive writing assignment).

Note: if you are a teacher, your school’s internet setup may block you from downloading these files. In that case, please email me so we can figure out another way for you to get them.

Here are materials for a project in which students research and present a clothing item unique to the Spanish-speaking world. See below for a Spanish poetry project.

Here are a few honed-over-the-years, one-page grammar summaries:

More to download:

  • 13 easy poems from around the Spanish-speaking world. I used this for a lesson discussed in this blog post.
  • My current composition error correction codeGuía de revisión. The idea is to point out the errors so that the student can fix them.
  • A complete list of the more than 200 boot verbs of Spanish, plus 90 (!!!) -zco verbs: irregular verb list.
  • A list of popular fiction titles from Spain, suitable for an advanced student or a Spanish teacher: Lecturas.
  • Elsewhere on this website, a slideshow with some asymmetrical Spanish/English correspondences
  • My favorite writing activity for the subjunctive: a creative dialogue between two famous people (real or fictional) where every line uses the subjunctive: diálogo subjuntivo indicativo . You can imagine the possibilities, for example:
         Romeo: Quiero que nos casemos.
         Julieta: Tengo miedo de que mi padre te mate.

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