Book #2

I am currently writing a second book about Spanish, this time for Routledge, entitled Bringing Linguistics into the Spanish Language Classroom: A Teacher’s Guide. Here is the abstract:

Bringing Linguistics into the Spanish Language Classroom: A Teacher’s Guide is a comprehensive resource that will enable Spanish teachers at all levels to share with their students the most interesting and important findings of Hispanic linguistics. The book is organized around five “essential questions”: (i) What features of Spanish are unique to the language, or at least unusual? (ii) Which, in contrast, are found in many other languages? (iii) How and why does Spanish vary? (iv) What are the roots of the language? (v) How do people learn and use Spanish? The book answers each of these questions succinctly and in a non-technical fashion. For every feature of Spanish covered, it provides classroom-ready explanations in basic Spanish, and also instructions and materials for in-class activities and take-home projects that will engage students in this fresh take on the target language.

This project makes me happy for two reasons. First, it will “spread the word” about many of the fascinating aspects of Spanish that I learned about Spanish while researching my first book. Second, ever since I learned about “essential questions” as a pedagogical standard during my teacher training, I’ve wanted to formulate and share linguistics-based essential questions. This has always struck me as a dramatic lacuna in our field.

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