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Lately I’ve been on a mini-quest for tildes in logos. By “tilde”, I mean the curvy mini-N that forms the top part of the distinctive Spanish letter ñ. (Just to be confusing, in Spanish itself, tilde also refers to diacritical marks in general, including those seen in words like café.)

Here are some of my findings, in no particular order:

A weekly Spanish publication distributed with the Friday edition of the newspaper “El Mundo”. Available online at elcultural.com.


A Spanish blog having to do with the language of sports.

The international organization devoted to Spanish education and culture.

A subreddit for educational talk about Spanish-language matters.

This bizarre use of the tilde gets the message across for this Spanish hotel chain.

Even more bizarre is the s+tilde in this logo for Cantabria-based Link Seafood Sources.

I think “CNN en español” hit it out of the park with this one.

I see a tilde here in the curves on the left-hand side of the logo. Do you?



2 thoughts on “Tildes in logos

  1. Fernanda

    One more for your collection: bein SPORTS.
    A variation of their logo carries an “ñ” when referring to their Latinx programming.

    I could have sworn I had seen one with just the tilde over the “n” in “bein,” but I just can’t find it.
    Perhaps my submission is not exactly in line with your collection of logos, but it does represent a US company using the tilde to denote Latinx programming.

    Big fan of your blog. Thank you for what you do.

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