¡El Ministerio del Tiempo has arrived!

For months I’ve been hearing about El Ministerio del Tiempo, a popular science-fiction TV show from Spain. It has just come out on Netflix in the USA, and I’m in the middle of the first episode. It’s awesome!

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The show is about a secret Spanish government agency that controls a set of portals to Spain’s past. As best as I understand it so far, their mission is to stop nefarious time travelers from changing history. In the first episode they recruit new agents from the 1500s, 1800s, and the present (shown left to right in the picture). The show features a star turn by Diego Velázquez and multiple shout-outs to Arturo Pérez-Reverte‘s Capitán Alatriste.

As a linguist I am of course enjoying the older Spanish spoken in the 1500s scenes. And so far the plot and characters seem to be lots of fun.

Try it yourself!

8 thoughts on “¡El Ministerio del Tiempo has arrived!

  1. Fred Stevens

    I loved the first two seasons of El Ministerio, which were available for free from RTVE. Once the Netflix deal was announced, you could no longer watch them in the US. Other historical series — including Isabel about Isabel la Catolica and Teresa about Sta Teresa de Avila — are still available. All the European history I know I learned from either BBC or RTVE!

    BTW, when watching RTVE I find the Spanish subtitles helpful. Just as I find the English subtitles helpful when watching the BBC.

  2. Ruth Smith

    Just watched the first episode.


    That it was subtitled didn’t matter after a bit, I was so absorbed by the story once it got going.

    Now I have to go look up the historical context, which of course is much more interesting now.

    Thank you very much, Judy!

    1. jhochberg Post author

      I just checked on Netflix and the show appears to be gone. While it was there I only used Spanish subtitles but I assume they were available in English, too. Sorry I can’t help.


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